Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm outgoing, love the outdoors, cars and street bikes, going fishing and getting away from the city on weekends. Independent but love having that special someone in my life. I am strong, open-minded and caring, and would love to meet someone who shares the same interests, that would go fishing with me, or even for a hike in the woods. If you are confident, caring, and willing to try/learn new things, give me a shout.

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Anonymous said...

hello! you left a comment on my post, oh i'd say... a year or so ago? well i just signed on today after not posting for about a year and i thought i'd say hello. :]

you seem like an amazing lady! i've been reading some of your posts and i am definitely inspired. i hope we can keep in touch. i actually go to college in new jersey at rider, which i think might be close to you? anyways, if you even remember me, give me a shout back. :]